Your project starts with us simply listening and thinking. We want to know what’s really important to you in the project and the overall direction you’d like to take. This is when ideas are generated, refined or completely transformed into something very different to the starting point.

The concept phase is your chance to provide a personal signature. Freedom of expression comes through your ability to influence the specific design language used in all aspects of the project. We welcome and thrive on working to a challenging brief…


This is about assessing the art of the possible. We test the feasibility of a design brief against the physicality of the site and any relevant constraints, such as planning, finance and timescale.

During this stage designs are developed in line with the above constraints and can change across a broad range of parameters. Ideas continue to be generated but now flow hand-in-hand with build implications. Your input is vital throughout the process as we want to ensure that the final brief achieves your objectives.


Creativity and practical implementation are the two key considerations of the design phase. Original concepts and ideas have matured into well-developed solutions. A variety of complex and seemingly inconsistent requirements have been integrated into a single whole.

Our extensive experience in the high-end residential market allows us to incorporate an array of demanding needs. This is an iterative process of testing and resolution culminating in the submission of a planning application, where necessary.


Once the design is fixed and planning permission is granted we prepare full working drawings for Building Regulation approval. Our aim is to implement the most efficient build whilst maintaining all aspects of your design requirements.

Our consultative style will keep you informed throughout the process ensuring good visibility of the project.

Production Drawings

Materials – a new dimension - appears at the production stage. Construction and production information detail the materials and all other building specifications allowing an accurate pricing schedule to be generated.

We also develop the descriptions of work in this phase giving you a much more holistic view of the project as well as the opportunity the make final adjustments.


This is the construction stage. We can provide a variety of services, ranging from full contract administration to a watching brief. Such a spectrum of management services is possible given our solid track record in these types of briefs.

If you are unsure then we will help you decide the level of management that makes sense for you.

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