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Our full services process starts with testing the feasibility of the client’s design brief against the physicality of the site and any relevant constraints, such as planning, budget and timescale.

During this stage we jointly develop the design in conjunction with the client. Our extensive experience incorporates the nuances of planning regulation, local knowledge, the market, and the latest construction techniques.

This allows us to quickly get to an initial design that has the maximum chance of acceptance by the local authorities and responds to market factors.

Design & Planning

This stage is about producing a full design proposal. Having proven the design’s feasibility we use our specialist expertise in the generation of all relevant documentation for the submission of a planning application. In particular we are an accredited firm for the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH). Consequently we can integrate the latest sustainability requirements into the design process, again minimising the probability of the application being rejected.

Building Regulations

Once the design is fixed and planning permission is granted we prepare full working drawings for Building Regulation approval. Our aim is to implement the most efficient build whilst maintaining all aspects of the design requirements.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of building regulations acquired through a solid track record of developments in residential, mixed and commercial projects. Our approach is to deploy experts in this field that can address both the technical and architectural aspects.

We will keep you informed throughout the process ensuring close visibility of the project.

Production Drawings & Tender

Here we generate construction and production information detailing the materials and all other building specifications. This allows us to produce a pricing schedule. We also develop a full set of production drawings using our up-to-date knowledge of the latest developments in both materials and construction techniques.

On Site

In this construction phase we can provide a variety of services, ranging from full contract administration to a watching brief. The ability to offer such a spectrum of management services stems from our solid track record in these types of briefs.

Our decision making is fast and our approach is to deploy specialist expertise in an intelligent, timely manner. In summary we see ourselves as a practice focussed on high quality deliverables with the flexibility of a small firm.

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